Waste Free Festivals

About the Festival Coalition

Festivals hold a unique place in the life of downtown London especially in Victoria Park.
The Coalition for the ‘Greening of the Festivals’ came together approximately 6 months ago and includes members of Waste Free World, Festival representatives, and representatives from City of London Parks and Recreation, Event Management and Waste Management. Together, this group met with suppliers, vendors, and others to determine what steps could be taken for Year One, recognizing that some festivals had already been active in green initiatives. Thanks to the TD Friends of the Environment Fund for sponsoring festival Eco-stations and Youth Opportunities Unlimited for helping to make sure there was a right place for every kind of waste. The Festival Coalition hopes efforts in 2008 will help inform practical policies for future festivals in the Forest City.

Vision Statement

To reduce the amount of waste at festivals and at both public and private group gatherings.

– By creating a greater awareness of the amount of waste generated at festivals and gatherings and the affects to individual health and the environment with the subsequent reduction of overall waste.

– By encouraging individual responsibility for reducing waste by using reusable dishes, utensils and napkins.

– By campaigning for the return of drinking fountains in Victoria Park.

– By researching alternative practices and products and by advising festival organizers, municipal politicians and citizens of findings and solutions.

– By encouraging the transition of waste reduction practices into other areas of our lives (social gatherings, employment, clubs, family reunions, athletic events, graduations and picnics, etc..)

Story of Waste Free World

Upon retiring, Maryanne MacDonald began her own journey of discovery about the ecological impacts of our daily activities. For Maryanne, one of the ‘ahhah!’ moments came while watching a moving documentary called “Message in the Waves”. This prompted her to actively campaign to eliminate one time use disposables particularly Styrofoam and plastic beginning with the London Plastic Bag Project already underway. Contact us if you would like more information about Waste Free World activities or would like to get involved. (wastefreevolunteer@gmail.com)