London Plastic Bag Project

Plastic bags are given out by the billions for free, but they have many hidden costs to the environment. Have a look at thefacts about plastic bags, and you will see why they are on the environmental hit list.

The London Plastic Bag Project has a simple goal – to achieve a sustainable reduction in plastic bag usage in London. We need your help to reach this goal.

Anyone can participate. We would like to bring together everyone who is taking action against plastic bags in our city. We want to share resources and ideas. Contact us with your ideas, your stories and your actions. Volunteers are always welcome.

We are also thrilled to be part of the global “We are what we do” movement and their “Plastic ain’t my bag” campaign.

Vision – to eliminate all unnecessary waste from our lives by choosing to be more in tune with the cycle of the natural world.

We will achieve this Vision when we:

– use only what is necessary to sustain and enhance our lives,

– reduce our individual consumption of over packaged, over marketed, spur of the moment, frivolous products

– recycle what we don’t need so others can make use of it

– replace one-time-use disposables with reusable alternatives – this includes plastic bags, dishes, cutlery, mugs, and paper towels

– respect and conserve water

– conserve all forms of energy

– where possible eliminate transportation requiring petroleum – walk or bike – this also improves your health

– enhance our natural world by planting trees, eliminating chemicals, and giving the natural world an opportunity to provide for our needs – clean air, clean water, nutritious food.

– ensure our purchases of the necessities of life are produced in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner

– buy local

Our daily choices make a lifetime of difference.